Who am I?

Who Am I?

How often have you asked yourself this question? How often have you found the true answer? Those who are familiar with the work of Ramana Maharsi might know this method of self-enquiry. Ask yourself ‘Who am I’ and enter a state of wonder. For me this question has contributed a lot in my journey of self-discovery.

My name is Linde de Bock and I am a trained Ancient Thai Massage– and De-armouring practitioner, with a huge interest in Yoga, Tantra and all kinds of healing practices. My roots lie in Norway, although I have Dutch blood. With a physiotherapist as a father and a massage-therapist as a mother my fascination for the human body came at an early age – and it is still evolving with every step I take and every body I touch.

Growing up in Norway meant growing up in the mountains, climbing trees and playing in the snow. There my love for nature got rooted in me. When I was twelve I moved to Utrecht in The Netherlands, where I learned about the ‘big city life’ and the quick pace that runs through a city like this.

After I graduated with a Bachelor of Law in 2015, I decided it was time to go and explore the world more – and so I did. I spent about ten months in the mountains of Peru, in a little village called Pisac. I spent a lot of time hiking, doing yoga and working with different plant medicines. Here I have found a deeper layer of my true essence, yet there are always more layers to peel and more depths to dig into.

My first Ancient Thai Massage course was in Pisac in 2015 and my fascination for bodywork and the human potential only became bigger and bigger. I have spent the past three years in different countries, immersing myself into different teachings about healing, yoga, tantra, bodywork and transformation.

I spent several months in Hridaya in Mexico, diving deep into the teachings of Yoga and the profound beauty of silence. In Italy I followed an intense energy healing training where the focus was mainly on Presence. I also spent months in Thailand, learning about Tantra and Yoga. With every workshop and training I follow, I gain new insights and skills which I incorporate in my work.

In  2018 I did the intensive de-armouring training with De’an Matuka, Sanna Sanita and Susanne Roursgaard – which opened new pathways to healing for me. De-armouring became a tool through which all that I have learned came together, with a holistic approach including body, mind and spirit.

I am never done learning. Currently I am integrating the work of MER (Myofascial Energetic Release) and offer sessions for anyone who feels discomfort or pain in their body. Feel free to reach out for more information.

I am currently in the Netherlands. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to book a session.