Who am I?

How often have you asked yourself this question? How often have you found the true answer? Those who are familiar with the work of Ramana Maharsi might know this method of self-enquiry. Ask yourself ‘Who am I’ and enter a state of wonder. For me this question has contributed a lot in my journey of self-discovery.

My name is Linde de Bock and I am a certified Myofascial Energetic Release practitioner and a trained Ancient Thai Massage– and De-armouring practitioner, with a huge interest in Yoga, Tantra and all kinds of healing practices. My roots lie in Norway, although I have Dutch blood.

In 2015 I started my own journey with bodywork, yoga, plants and healing. I have been to different places in the world, such as the mountains in Peru and the beaches in Mexico and Thailand. Everywhere I go, I take myself with me and I learn – either by immersing myself into teachings of yoga, tantra and bodywork or by simply live and learn by the surroundings.

I believe in the healing potential of the human body and think we still have so much to learn about how to navigate through life in this marvelous vehicle. Along the way I have picked up quite some tools and ways of communicating with the body – and my wish is to share my knowledge and experience with those who crosses paths with me.I am currently in the Netherlands. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to book a session.

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