Everyone should do this! At least try it. I have never felt so tremendously safe at someone who does massages. I have never felt I could let go so much with someone as when I was with Linde. It’s amazing how she can support you to totally get in touch with your feelings. It learnedContinue reading “Seriana”


Vandaag een prachtige sessie bij Linde ontvangen. Precies wat mijn lichaam nodig had. De aanraking was verbonden, krachtig maar toch zacht. Alsof ze onder mijn huid bij me kon zijn. Mijn lichaam reageerde door te trillen en golven van emotie te ontladen. Ik voelde al spanning in mijn buik en kon met mijn hoofd daarContinue reading “Marieke”


It’s hard to find the words for the Journey that Linde takes you on when you receive her Ancient Thai Massage. My whole body got stretched and lovingly squeezed, but this is nothing compared to the incredible headspace that I entered during and after this session. It felt like my energy channels where opened wide,Continue reading “Job”


I very much recommend Linde. She is very confident, professional and skillful in body de-armouring. You can feel she loves what she is doing. I was surprised by the result. The tension behind my eyes and pelvic area transformed to a pleasant subtle vibration. I felt much more alive!  


Linde combines her wisdom, skills, attention and pure energy to take you on a sweet and interesting journey through the body and mind. She knows exactly where to apply pressure and how to challenge your flexibility. An incredible experience that will be healing to anyone willing to receive.


I felt safe from the very beginning. Thanks to the clear way of communicating in a perfect setting. The session brought up intense feelings and powerful forces where Linde supported me in letting them be and flow out of me. I could let go of old blockages in my system and felt released, free andContinue reading “Floris”


Linde has a passion for serving and helping people and this shines through in her work. During our session together I felt deeply held, cared for and supported as I went through a deep healing process. Thanks to her professionalism I was able to let go and trust, in which I felt completely seen andContinue reading “Arja”


My de-armouering session with Linde was very special for me. She got me out of my comfort zone in such a loving and respectful way. I learned that I really needed that to happen to fully choose to be present in the session. Linde creates a beautiful and safe field to be in. I feltContinue reading “Hannelore”


Linde is capable to create an atmosphere of pure and safe presence without judgement and with her attention completely with you. Whereby you also become aware of your own presence in which everything can appear without you judging it. The de-armouring session she gave in these circumstances was for me a next step in discovering blocked energy and painContinue reading “Reinder”


Linde provided a very safe and welcoming environment for my first ever de-armouring session, through her calmness and caring guidance. It was so much more than I imagined it could be. I felt pulsating energy through my whole body. Now I understand many of the experiences described in Tantra much better!


During the years I’ve been walking with medicines I’ve received guidance from my intuition to massage myself and trigger points in my body where it feels energy stocked. I have found that this is the way I’m teaching myself to heal my body by acknowledging the path that the blockages draw over time and howContinue reading “Leti”


Being with Linde is special. She immediately makes you feel at ease, relaxed, and welcome. You can just feel how real she is, she’s open, genuinely interested and extremely caring. The massage itself is simply indescribable. But I can say for me it was much, much more then I could have hoped for. For anContinue reading “Sebas”


After the MER session focused on hips/legs/feet with Linde I was lost for words. Feeling immensely grateful. Energy flowing through my body. Warm and tingly from my face to my toes, belly and spine. Linde knows what she is doing. You can feel she has years of experience working with different bodies, is super excitedContinue reading “Eva”


What to say, what to say. No pen can find the right words what I felt that day. So much energy that was set free in the first session, feel more free in my breath to the belly, feel more feminine. The same energy flow and state of trance that I experienced in the BufoContinue reading “Nathalie”


Flow of Healing betekent veel voor mij. Linde heeft mij erg geholpen met het doorbreken van vastzittende emoties in het lichaam. Door haar kundigheid, passie en professionaliteit weet ze mij elke keer op de juiste manier te begeleiding in mijn eigen healing. Daarna voel ik vaak zelf aan wat mijn lichaam nodig heeft. Ze geeftContinue reading “Esther”


I had a massage during my time in Peru with this beautiful talented woman and I can truly say it was amazing. A whole body experience. She is extremely careful, professional and caring. And especially I can say that I admire her very much as a person, for her incredible sense of humor, and herContinue reading “Lujan”

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