During the years I’ve been walking with medicines I’ve received guidance from my intuition to massage myself and trigger points in my body where it feels energy stocked. I have found that this is the way I’m teaching myself to heal my body by acknowledging the path that the blockages draw over time and how they get more entangled and painful when you don’t move it.

The de-armouring technique that Linde de Bock offers, is the perfect combination of self healing and therapist support, compassion and acceptance it’s key to take advantage of the service that you receive from a heart that understand, embrace and encourage your inner journey letting this blockages be purged out in whatever expression you need to without any judgement or criticism.

I was having a pain in my left shoulder for several years and after one session with Linde I drastically felt the difference in my inner stances and body, highly recommended! And just so you know this therapy helps you to get rid of any shame, guilt or worry about yourself and your path through your own healing, thank you sister for bringing this medicine to my life.