After the MER session focused on hips/legs/feet with Linde I was lost for words. Feeling immensely grateful. Energy flowing through my body. Warm and tingly from my face to my toes, belly and spine. Linde knows what she is doing. You can feel she has years of experience working with different bodies, is super excited about MER and her intuition doesn’t let her down. I immediately felt safe with Linde. I knew I could be me, no matter what would come up (or not come up). Before the session Linde made sure I had time to ground and clearly explained what the session would look like. The sparkles in her eyes showed her enthusiasm for MER! During the session I felt cared for and listened to, verbal and non-verbal. Linde continued to communicate clearly with me, with her hands, breath and words.

After the session I was in awe! My body has never felt like this before. So light but grounded, very strong but without tension. I have learned a lot about my body posture, where I hold tension unknowingly and that I will definitely be back for more!! Thank you so, so much!!!