Terms and agreements

Booking and payment

  • Sessions are to be booked within the regular opening hours which are to be found on the website. In case you need to book outside of regular hours, please inform about the possibilities and extra costs. 
  • A booking is confirmed after the payment for that session has been done.
  • Membership costs are paid at the beginning of the month and you will receive an invoice each month. Any additional sessions are to be paid upfront when booking. 

Reschedule and refund

  • Sessions can be cancelled up until 48 hours prior to the session. After that the full amount will be charged. 
  • If you cancel or reschedule the session, the cancellation fee is €20.


  • You agree that participating in a session is at your own risk.
  • You state that you have good physical condition and mental health. In case of any injuries or mental illnesses, you have the responsibility to seek guidance from a healthcare provider or medical health service. 
  • The sessions offered by Flow of Healing are not meant for seeking out and are not providing any medical treatment or advice. Always consult your medical doctor if you have any doubts.
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