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Here you can find the different prices and general guidelines for booking a session. In case you are interested in doing multiple sessions, get in touch and ask about memberships.



By receiving a massage you may enter a state of deep relaxation. If you book a session for the first time, the suggested time is 90 minutes, yet it is also possible to book 60 or 120 minutes.

– Massage 60 minutes €80,-
– Massage 90 minutes €140,-

Body de-armouring

A body de-armouring session gives you the opportunity to feel into your own body and may release stored emotions and blockages. A session is at least 90 minutes and can be prolonged if needed. When you come for the first time, an additional intake of 30 minutes is added to the session.

– Body de-armouring 90 minutes €130,-
– Body de-armouring intake 30 minutes €30,- (required when booking the initial session)
– Additional 30 minutes €20,– (only available when booking the appointment)

Myofascial Energetic Release

You can come for an individual full body MER session, where we focus on certain area’s in the body where you feel pain. You may also choose the full body package consisting of five sessions, where we target a different part of the body each time.

– Standard Myofascial Energetic Release 90 minutes €130,-
– Full Body Package deal of five sessions, each 90 minutes €500,- (when paid in full and booked in advance within 5 months)
– Additional 30 minutes €20,– (only available when booking an appointment)

Ancient Thai Massage

During an ATM you can fully surrender to yourself and let yourself be moved – it is not called ‘Yoga for the lazy man’ without reason.

– Full body Ancient Thai Massage 120 minutes €150,-
– Introduction to Ancient Thai Massage 60 minutes €80,-

When booking a session or starting a membership, you state that you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions of Flow of Healing.

Terms and agreements

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