My mission is to be in service for the healing. I aim to be fully centered within myself and in alignment with presence. During a session I function as an anchor, for you to be able to go deep into yourself and do your inner work. I witness you in your process, holding you when needed, letting go when possible. I support you in finding your own strength, your own voice, your own way. I have many different tools that I can offer as support and to give extra guidance when needed.


I hold space for your transformation. Our body has its own intelligence, its own memories, its own wisdom. Far too often we try to reason from the mind and forget to listen to the body. I see that we all hold the potential to heal ourselves and I firmly encourage you to find your own strength and ways, while also asking for support when needed. My work is body oriented, meaning we will drop the words and stories as much as possible and go deep into the body, to listen, to feel, flow and let go.


Why do this work? Why go through the pain, the anger, the sorrow, the trauma? The purpose of this work is to allow a free flow within your being. In order to reach this, we sometimes need to work through blockages, which can be found on many different levels through our being. When we allow everything to flow through us, we are more capable of letting go as well. We are becoming more resilient, vibrant and alive.

I offer de-armouring sessions, Ancient Thai Massage and coaching. Please reach out with any inquiries.