I facilitate a safe space for your transformation and healing.

I am offering one on one bodywork sessions with an holistic approach. An holistic approach means that we do not only focus on one specific part of your being, but incorporate the body, mind and emotions as a whole. By bringing awareness into the body, we become aware of the state of our emotional, mental and physical being. And by becoming aware, certain blockages may arise to the surface which can guide you in your process of personal growth.

Together we will figure out what supports you in your proces. I support you in finding your own strength and your own way of healing. The work that I offer is body-oriented, meaning the main focus lies with working with the body, yet I have many different tools that I can offer as support in your proces. I draw inspiration from various forms of bodywork, massage, de-armouring, Yoga, Tantra, breathwork and meditation.

Why do this work? The purpose of these sessions is to bring awareness into your body and allow a free flow within your being. In order to reach this, we sometimes need to work through blockages, which can be found on many different levels – may it be physical, energetic, mental or emotional. When we allow everything to flow through us, we are more capable of letting go. We become more resilient, vibrant and alive.

I offer de-armouring sessions, Ancient Thai Massage, and Myofascial Energetic Release (MER). Please feel free to explore what I do through my website and reach out with any questions.

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