One touch can say more than a thousand words

But sometimes words are needed to express that which is present. It is normal to experience emotions, memories or other sensations while being touched physically, for example during a massage. Our body can be seen as a storage where many things can be hidden in its tissue, from emotions, stress, trauma and things that have been left unsaid.

When receiving a massage, you work with the physical body but at the same time you may touch up on your energetic or emotional body. A lot trauma and tension can be released during a session. This may be unsettling at first, but it is a beautiful chance to work with deeper layers of your being. We are often very ‘conscious’ about how we feel or what is going on with us in our mind, that we forget to actually feel deep into our body to see what is there.

It is a beautiful experience to be in your body during a massage and feel your anger, sadness, happiness or whatever may come up. Yet, sometimes it is overwhelming and we feel the need to sit down and talk with someone. After every bodywork-session there is space to share about what is present.

You can schedule a personal coaching session with me where I combine bodywork and communication to gain awareness about what is present for you. With gentle bodywork we will sink deep into your body and make it able for you to speak from a place of honesty. I am here to listen to you and to provide you with the support you need. You can book a coaching session as a single session or following a massage. Together we will set up a plan to fit your needs.


Cost: € 70,- for an hour coaching session.