Body de-armouring

Shocking life events, stressful living, bad habits or a heartbreak can all be reasons for the body to become tense, frozen or blocked. With de-armouring we bring the body back to its natural way of being. We are using breath, sound and movement in combination with loving touch and deep pressure points.

What is armour?
We build armour in our body through life. It can be caused by childhood trauma, painful (sexual) experiences, daily stress or other situations which makes the body contract. Sometimes the body still contracts after the situation has passed and this results in armour which results in feeling tired, having pain, not feeling like yourself and so on.

We do not only store pain but also joy, laughter and pleasure – everything we were not able to express can turn inwards and manifest in our body as armour. The body only retains that which is not processed. This may result in a hard and desensitized body, pain, lack of vitality, blocked (sexual) energy and so on.

What parts of the body hold armour?
The whole body has the potential to hold tension and hence the whole body can be armoured and luckily also de-armoured. There is the option to work solely externally or to also do internal de-armouring. Within the pelvic region and pelvic floor we often hold tension and both men and woman can benefit from receiving an internal de-armouring. If this is something you are curious about, please get in touch and I will give you more information.

What to expect during a session?
We will start the session with a consultation where we will define which areas to work on. During a session we invite the body into possible trauma release by de-armouring  specific areas in the body. We do not cause any pain to the body, we only bring awareness to the places which were already painful to begin with. We will use triggerpoints, breath and awareness to invoke (trauma-)release and to resolve the armour stored in the body. Literally any part of the body can hold armour, and de-armouring can be done both external and internal.

How a session will look like may differ from time to time, but we always start with consultation before going into bodywork. Afterwards there will be time to rest and a space to share anything if wanted.

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