In love with a woman

What is intimacy to you? Is it sex? Making love? Touching someone? Speaking your truth? Unveiling your trauma’s, fears and insecurities? Are you always intimate when you have intercourse with someone? Do you always go into physical penetration when you have the desire to connect, to be intimate? Have you explored all the different flavors of intimacy, of connection, of truth? Skin to skin, heart to heart, soul to soul. … More In love with a woman

My Tantric Ways

I did the Tantric Ways Series with Gaia Ma in the beginning of 2019 in Guatemala. Before going into this retreat, I had this idea, about who I was supposed to be and how I should behave in this world. I realized how I was putting myself in a cage by following so many limiting beliefs and self-regulating rules. And during our time together, I was able to slowly step out of that cage. … More My Tantric Ways

Do you speak to me, like you speak to God?

I sat with an elderly man the other day. We talked. He was a man who read the bible every morning and prayed to Jesus. He was raised with religion and had a very different view on life than I do. At least, that was what I thought before we truly met. While talking we contemplated life, society and spirituality. We talked about religion and how he could see God in every one of us. And then, he asked me about God … More Do you speak to me, like you speak to God?

The intensity junkie

The intensity junkie. The one who thrives in chaos and indulges in extremities. The one person in the crowd who stands up when the impossible is being proposed. The one who jumps out of airplanes. The warrior. The free diver. The one who takes the last shot, the biggest piece, the greatest challenge. The worse the better; the harder it is, the easier it feels. … More The intensity junkie