Dig Deeper, Darling

Do you know that feeling, as if your pain, sadness and misery will never end? That whenever you healed one part of life, the next unresolved trauma is already knocking on your door? That all you kan do is dig deeper and deeper? Keep digging those nails deep into the soil of your soul, darling.Continue reading “Dig Deeper, Darling”

Successful failure

(My personal) Definition of succes I Am grounded, in resonance with my purpose, through presence and love. When do I perceive myself as a success and when do I feel like something which just failed hard? Am I being successful? Or is my life simply a sequence of trial and error? These are questions thatContinue reading “Successful failure”

Life force ON

Before we go on – let’s de-sexualise sexual energy. When I say sexual energy, I do not simply mean ‘the physical act of sex’ where one, two or more naked bodies physically engage with each other. When I say sexual energy, I mean the pure potential of creative powers that lies within your pelvis, your womb, your testicles. Combine that with the pure power of the heart, of love and compassion – and you got yourself a catalysator for growth, healing and pure awareness.

Get off my mountain

I dream of the crumbling of concepts, of set structures and pre-formatted relationships. A new reality takes form, one where the heart leads. We float and merge between our souls highest potential whilst being firmly planted in the ground. Our branches sway in the wind, spreading the seeds of life


My heart bleeds when I look at our world today. I see a lot of beauty and love, but also a lot, a lot of ravishing, destruction and division. Why are we backstabbing each other and constantly pointing fingers?

The shattering unfolds

Do you feel what I feel? Have you noticed the ongoing waves of change? All that is constant, is change. Do not take it personal, for this life does not revolve around you. Choose your words wisely, because assumptions are are easy to be made.

The world is my playground

Maybe there is a different way. We can make life as big and as small as we like, just as we can take life, and ourselves, very seriously. When I was younger, I thought that I had to help the world, help others, heal others. Along the way I realized it was a huge responsibility to take on and after some stumbling and falling I let it slide. I realized, even if I might want to – all I can really influence is myself and how I deal with reality.

Relationship status: open

Being in an open relationship means that you can sleep with whomever you want. It is super simple, because people know beforehand that they can’t count on you. No strings attached, no feelings involved, no boundaries present. You don’t owe anything to anyone. Oh, and the sex. You will have a lot of sex. Always.

S#x positive

Sex positive. What does it mean to you? What does it look like in our community? Do we live in a sex positive society? Are we all sexually open, liberated and free? Are we truly free to express ourselves, in all the colors and flavors that we might come? Or are many of us still tormented, confused and contracted? Do you hold any judgement, guilt or shame?

Leave me. Please.

This is pretty much how I used to feel. Most of the times. For a long time. As long as I can remember. Without really being aware of it. Oh, the beauty of seeing things clearly. In hindsight.

In love with a woman

What is intimacy to you? Is it sex? Making love? Touching someone? Speaking your truth? Unveiling your trauma’s, fears and insecurities? Are you always intimate when you have intercourse with someone? Do you always go into physical penetration when you have the desire to connect, to be intimate? Have you explored all the different flavors of intimacy, of connection, of truth? Skin to skin, heart to heart, soul to soul.

My Tantric Ways

I did the Tantric Ways Series with Gaia Ma in the beginning of 2019 in Guatemala. Before going into this retreat, I had this idea, about who I was supposed to be and how I should behave in this world. I realized how I was putting myself in a cage by following so many limiting beliefs and self-regulating rules. And during our time together, I was able to slowly step out of that cage.

Do you speak to me, like you speak to God?

I sat with an elderly man the other day. We talked. He was a man who read the bible every morning and prayed to Jesus. He was raised with religion and had a very different view on life than I do. At least, that was what I thought before we truly met. While talking we contemplated life, society and spirituality. We talked about religion and how he could see God in every one of us. And then, he asked me about God

The intensity junkie

The intensity junkie. The one who thrives in chaos and indulges in extremities. The one person in the crowd who stands up when the impossible is being proposed. The one who jumps out of airplanes. The warrior. The free diver. The one who takes the last shot, the biggest piece, the greatest challenge. The worse the better; the harder it is, the easier it feels.

Make peace with your past

There will be a moment in life where you look back and see how you have changed. If you really have lived, there will probably be many of these moments. These moments are precious, like little drops of honey showing you the transformation that you have gone through.

Fuck it, life is tantric

Ever wondered if you are on the right path? Doing the right thing? Connecting to the right people? Living the right life? Ever worried that you might be failing? That you maybe could do better? That you might not be perfect? Yes, really? Fuck it.

The phases of life

Time is a peculiar thing. It is always changing, creating, destroying. There is always an uncertainty in what is yet to come, yet it is inevitable that it will. It is precious, to look back at your choices, your partners, your life. It is astonishing. Humbling. Every single time.


I am not a bird
You put in a cage
Just so you can look at me

Today is a good day to die

Love equals pain, and therefor it is in pain that I will exist. If you love me, you will hurt me and I love you for that. I thrive on pain. I feed on pain. I feast in pain. I love pain.

Love and sexploration

When did you delve into the intimate world of sexuality? Did you start alone or together? Did you go fast or slow? Did you like it, love it, couldn’t get enough of it – or did you not get what all the fuss was about? Did you ever stop the exploration, or are you still a student?

Alter Ego

She does not give a damn about where you are coming from, or where you are going. She does not give a damn about her past, nor does she worry about her future. She is here. She is present. She is everything I ever wanted to be, ever will be and never will get to be

I am here

My eyes are swollen. My cheeks are raw. Salt tears keep flowing. My chest is contracted. My heart is heavy. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe! I feel ripped apart, completely broken. I love you. I love you so much that it hurts. I am broken into a thousand pieces, shattered on the floor

When the battle is over

To be in a relationship is beautiful. What is better than to share your love with the one you love? To be together with the one, share laughter and shed tears together, go on adventures or stay at home, cozy, under a warm fuzzy blanket of love – or a blanket of false promises?

Fuck for the sake of love

When was the last time you fucked someone just for the sake of fucking someone? Did she fall in love with you, or at least like you? Did you even give a fuck if she didn’t?

Tantra is sex.

A good orgasm can be satisfying, but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover.

Choke on love

These walls. They won’t crumble. It took a lot of work to build them. And it takes a lot of work to break them down. I cried many tears. Shed a lot of layers. Went through a lot of pain. And still. I am protected

I’m fine.

Are you always honest about how you feel? Do you always let someone know when you are hurt – by their actions, words, or lack of action? Do you always give an honest answer when someone asks how you are feeling? Far too often I did not tell the truth. Far too often, I wasContinue reading “I’m fine.”

Know thy darkness

Do you know who you are in this life? Have you fully embodied the darkness within your being and allowed it into your life – or are you on the safe side, the good side, the side full of love and light? I do not trust people who claim that they have no darkness. WhenContinue reading “Know thy darkness”

Fucking happy thoughts

Every word, every action, every thought – they all have their own vibration. Always stay aware of what thoughts you have, which words you use. Think happy thoughts and you will be happy. Right? Well, those happy thoughts sometimes are very hard to find. Life is good, most of the time. Sometimes, life is aContinue reading “Fucking happy thoughts”

What do you do?

One of these simple questions in life: ‘What do you do for a living?’ For many a simple question with a simple answer. For me

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