Dig Deeper, Darling

Do you know that feeling, as if your pain, sadness and misery will never end? That whenever you healed one part of life, the next unresolved trauma is already knocking on your door? That all you kan do is dig deeper and deeper?

Keep digging those nails deep into the soil of your soul, darling. Uproot all the pain, all the shadows and unravel all that lies dormant within you. Uproot it, feel it, let it go. Let your tears flow, your anger roar, your fear tremble. Allow your body to go through it all, to feel and release whatever needs to flow through you.

Keep digging darling, for as long as it serves your proces. But remember though, as long as you keep digging there will always be more dirt. It is never ending. There is no way there will be no more pain – if you look for it, you will always find more to cry for, more to process, more to work on.

It’s a choice. A matter of perspective. A path to follow, and sometimes the path down Misery Lane is what you need – yet know that there are many crossroads where you can choose to get off and head in a different direction. What path do you choose next?

Will you stay on the roundabout, repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Will you get lost in the maze of your mind, or do you wander off into the abyss of lost souls, forever trying to find yourself?

Come home, darling. Whenever you are done digging, come home.

What choice will you make?

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