Successful failure

(My personal)

Definition of succes

I Am grounded, in resonance with my purpose, through presence and love.

When do I perceive myself as a success and when do I feel like something which just failed hard? Am I being successful? Or is my life simply a sequence of trial and error? These are questions that I have been pondering for the past years. And I am becoming better and better at successfully failing. 

Failure to me stands for an outcome I did not expect nor tried to accomplish. Think of a failed relationship, failed decision making, failing in following my path and so on. Failure is not a bad thing in itself, for it is one of my biggest teachers. When I fail, I can figure out what did not work and what I could do differently next time, adjusting myself and my direction towards that which is more in alignment with my desire and purpose in life. 

A year ago I wrote this definition of succes down: I Am grounded, in resonance with my purpose, through presence and love. And it still feels exactly right. It does not say how I am supposed to be, what I am supposed to be doing or even where. For me it is rather a state of presence which I can always tap into - or not. And whenever I feel like I stray away from my core, I come back to grounding myself, anchoring myself in presence and take it from there. Step by step, breath by breath, moment by moment. 

When am I in resonance with my purpose? When that which I do feels right. No mind. No rules. No expectations. When I am in nature, I am there. When I am un surrender, I am there. When I have faith, I am there. Faith, that all that is happening happens exactly as it is supposed to happen.

Faith in life, surrender to what is and pure presence is the core from which I am also offering bodywork sessions. It is the core for how I do life. It is how I am showing up, again and again, for myself and others. 

To whomever it may concern, I want you to know that I will be there when you fail gloriously & I will celebrate the success with you that comes from beyond it all. 

Curious what I can do for you? Get in touch and we'll figure it out together! 

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