Summer Sessions

It is summertime and this often means warm days, long nights and more time to unwind and relax (for those of us who actually take that time). Summer gives us this extra zest for life, a yearning to focus our attention outwards and to blossom with all the beauty around us.

This summer I will be offering ‘Summer Sessions’, which are aimed at giving you and your body nourishment, relaxation and energy. The duration of the session is between 60 and 120 minutes and costs €70,- per hour.

Come for a session and experience deep relaxation through massage, touch and attention. Trust me, your body will love you for it!

You are welcome for a Summer Session in July and August in Utrecht at our beautiful location on Kanaalweg 84A (free parking). There is also sometimes the opportunity to come to Leusden to receive a session in a space surrounded with nature.

Reach out for more information or to directly book a session! You may reach me on or directly send a message through my website.

See you this summer!

You are also always welcome to book a de-armouring, myofascial energetic release session, private yoga class or to start a trajectory with me. I am happy to inform you about all the options available.

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