Life force ON

How to use sexual energy as a tool for transformation

Life is everywhere. It surrounds us, flows through us and connects us. Some call it prana. Some call it chi. Others call it sexual energy. Some are confused by it, others offended – and for some of us it is crystal clear: This is where we came from. This is who we are. This is who we are becoming.

Did you know that you have an immense power engine within your own systems? Have you ever felt the immaculate power that lies within your own sexuality? Do you know how to activate it? Do you know how to channel it?

Before we go on – let’s de-sexualise sexual energy. When I say sexual energy, I do not simply mean ‘the physical act of sex’ where one, two or more naked bodies physically engage with each other. When I say sexual energy, I mean the pure potential of creative powers that lies within your pelvis, your womb, your testicles. Combine that with the pure power of the heart, of love and compassion – and you got yourself a catalysator for growth, healing and pure awareness. The act of sex in our society is often just a fragment of the true potential that lies within our sexuality. Would you not want to get to know more?

This life force, this sexual energy, holds many different qualities. Sometimes it comes in the form of lust, sometimes it is sensual, soft, playful, full of determination, sometimes it wants to create and pro-create. Whatever it is for you, and whatever words you feel more comfortable with when speaking about it, say that. If you feel better saying sensual energy, because it feels more soft and approachable, use that. If you feel that sexual energy is more fitting, that is perfect too. Choose words that suite your language and your understanding. Feel free to substitute any of the words in this piece whilst reading.

Many of us know the trouble that may come with being a human being with sexual desires. There is fear of rejection, of not being good enough, hard enough, wet enough, fast enough, last long enough and so on. Yes, there are many hurdles to be overcome when we want to become fully embodied, empowered sensual or sexual human beings.

Let’s switch the perspective from what is not working towards what is working, shall we? Some people think: heal thy sex, heal thyself – and I must say I agree to some extent. I do not think all our problems emerge from our pelvis and genitals, nor do I think we can fix everything from this place. Nonetheless, when we are disconnected from this area it makes the healing of other parts of us quite hard. When something does not flow in one part of the body, it often stagnates elsewhere. And when there is stagnation, it makes healing more difficult to attain.

life force = sexual energy = your own power engine = pure potential = untapped super power

How comfortable are you within your own sensuality? Sexuality? Energy body? Physical body? Have you ever asked yourself who you are, what you are becoming, how you want to proceed in life? Have you ever felt tired, depleted, out of place? Has sex ever been awkward to you? Did you feel shame? Pain? Rejection? Did you speak up or shut down?

We all have been there to some extent. What if I tell you there is another way of doing it? Another way of connection intimately with yourself, with others, with life? It starts with yourself, it always does. When one is tapping into the power of becoming intimate with oneself, intimacy with others may grow more naturally, with ease, grace – and sometimes with the intensity of pure love when hearts and sex interconnects in full union.

So.. How to use sexual energy as a tool for transformation? The options are endless and they all come down to the core of acceptance. Accept yourself for who you are, embrace and accept your needs and desires, flow with your own energy and rhythm and see where it may take you. Accept others for who they are, how they express themselves and what they need- and find ways to communicate honestly about what is moving within you within intimacy.

Whenever we tune into sexuality or sensuality during a session, there is such a vulnerable space that opens up. It is delicate subject, often quite private and intimate, shared only with our lovers or close confidants. And whenever we do get there, it makes my heart sing – for within this vulnerability there lies so much beauty and strength and truth. In our seat of sensuality and sexuality truly lies an extremely powerful tool for transformation.

Are you ready to go deep?

Curious what I can do for you? Reach out and I’ll tell you all about it. You can reach me through mail: and I will get back to you soon!

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