Get off my mountain

The wild imagination of my soul is a wanderer. It wants it all. My darling, I see how we can dive and surrender, fly and expand, thrive and blossom. Do you see what I see, at last? Do you feel it? Or will you stay where you are, leaving us as separated as ever before?

It is lonely on the top, isn’t it? Now, I do not proclaim I am on any top whatsoever, but I have felt like I have been alone on a mountain for a long time. And it has been lonely. Very lonely.

My heart is longing for company. Not just any company or a random stranger. I feel the deep calling for connection, for true intimacy, for truth. Have we not dwindled around long enough, my darling dear? Are we still afraid of truly opening up ourselves, our hearts and soul – embracing all the love and all the hurt that comes with it?

In the passing of times, things have changed and more wanderers seem to roam the lonely mountaintops. Sometimes, not often, we meet. And when we meet, it is in complete recognition – as if my soul remembers your soul, my heart feels your heart, your blood is mine. These kind of encounters entice the imagination of my soul (and perhaps my heart and womb) to go wild.

I dream of our tribes gathering on these mountains, living together in perfect harmony. With each other, with nature, with the sun and the moon. I see big fires burning, rituals being held, magic shared. The elder is awoken and the children are brought up, with us and by us all together. The true essence of life and love is revealed and we live in perfect union.

I dream of romance and know I can choose you and only you, my beloved. I see the children, I see our love, I see our potential. I need you to see this too. As long as you and I are not on the same wavelength of commitment and truth, what are we then going to be? When I am not your chosen one, I ask you to let me roam freely, my beloved. Let me find my path and unravel the lessons I need to yet learn.

I dream of the crumbling of concepts, of set structures and pre-formatted relationships. A new reality takes form, one where the heart leads. We float and merge between our souls’ highest potential whilst being firmly planted in the ground. Our branches sway in the wind, spreading the seeds of life….

When my souls wandering stops and reality kicks in, it often hits hard. The projected desires crumble, shades of the truth become brighter and “our” future is not ours to keep any longer. The lonely wanderer who came to my mountain top might have stirred the fire for some time – yet big fires burn fast and not everything is what it seems.

To the lost wanderer whose soul does not belong to these realms nor in the space of my dreams, to the one who only comes to take, to the one who has the wrong intentions, to the one who does not want to be here… Please get off my mountain. You are blocking my souls view of the high peaks, the zenith of my life.

These written musings are inspired by life. Close your eyes and breathe. The time is now, darling. Come and meet me in the dream states. All we ever sought is right there, ever so present, always available.


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