“Just” a massage..

‘Can I please come for just a relaxing massage’, she asked… ‘You know, where I can just melt and come to myself, instead of doing all the hard work and processing and trauma release…’

Y E S. The answer is absolutely yes. Sometimes we need to move some mountains and do ‘the work’. Other times we need to chill and be soft and kind to ourselves. We can always go deep and dive deeper into the process, yet what is still a little unknown for most of my clients is that you also can come to me for ‘just’ a massage. For just a massage sometimes moves mountains too.

Touch is very underrated in our society still. The effect touch has on our bodies and our system is huge. When receiving “just” a massage, your body receives so much and this can also help immensely. And a massage can still go deep, release tension, open up your energies and be very de-armouring as well.

The difference with a massage and for example de-armouring lies with the intention. If the intention is to work on past trauma or to release very specific tension and blockages, we often go for de-armouring because it is more targeted. It all starts with the intention – for there the body already prepares itself to open up and go deeper. If the intention is to find relaxation and softness, the approach will also be more relaxed and soft.

In either case, every session I offer is being held with loving support and skilled hands. The more present you can be with what is touched and moving within you, the more you can sink into yourself and truly feel what is needed. The more bodywork and trauma work I do, the more I see the power of softness. Being held in loving tenderness (towards ourselves) is such a gift.

I invite you to feel into what your body needs now. If you want, know that you are very welcome for a session, “just” what you might need in these times!

By the way… On the picture you can see the new massage space where I also work in Utrecht. On Thursday evenings (and occasionally some other days) you will find me at the beautiful studio in Yoga Moves Fly on the Croeselaan in Utrecht, where I offer not “just” a massage.. I offer various forms of massage!

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