An ode to you

May the grace of God be with you always in your heart. May you know the truth inside you from the start. May you find the strength to know you are a part of something beautiful.

I see a light shine now
1 oktober 2015     

Jesse is net verhuisd. Volle maan. Blood moon.


It felt as if I were floating in the darkness, with strings of light and colors connecting everything and everyone. It was gentle, showing me all the love that is present, but also all the love that I am able to give to others. Even with all the other energies around, it felt safe. It showed me that I can be angry, as long as I love this part of myself as well.

Everything was love. Everything can be love, as long as I act the way I want it to be. I have been sitting outside with the fire for a long time that night. I felt her, very subtle. It made it possible for me to go deep into details. 

This one moment a portal got opened by the others. It showed me that there are other entities besides humans, we just do not see them because we do not know how. They showed me other planets, lights and surroundings which are all present, even on this earth.

When sitting next to Jesse at the fire, I felt his presence strongly. He had this very strong blue energy surrounding him, making me become very aware of him being there. I was almost pushed over. In a nice way though, comforting almost.

Sitting there next to him, I went inside myself. I went into my chest and into my heart. I saw how I opened my inner body. It felt dark and closed at first, but while looking into myself I figured out how to open up and keep it open. At one point, someone or something attached itself to me. Some dark or sad energy. It felt as if it wanted to enter my bubble or space from above me. It clung to my state of happiness. I realized I should not fear it, but rather try to embrace it instead. I did make it clear it could not stay with me, because I was myself. After a while it let go and I sent it into the fire.

Jesse gave me rapé and I could feel his energy being blown right through me. Afterwards he did it as well, which made me purge something which felt like it was not my own. It felt as if a lot of anger and sorrow came up. It felt as if I got slapped and pushed to the ground, making it hard to breathe. All of a sudden it stopped and I saw Jesse purging, as if he had taken over. 

Another portal opened that night. It felt as if I was sitting on a flying camel in Egypt. From a distance I saw the desert and the piramides. I vaguely saw the presence of a woman, slightly dark skinned. It showed me that the people there knew what they were, what they were doing and that they were very developed, way more than us now. 

I saw some light blue shapes floating in the air. 
I think Jesse was levitating at one moment.
I saw my center being centered.

Thank you for all the journeys. Thank you for holding the space for me. Thank you for your truth. Thank you for your presence. 

This is how I choose to remember. This is how I choose to dream. This is how we chose to fly.

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