Take my hand
And dance with me
So that I can learn from you
May I let my curiousity flow
And see your ways of love
And living

Please take my hand
Know you are not alone in this
You shall no longer be abandoned

I celebrate all of your emotions
I cheer at your wild burning fires
I sit with your deep, silent waters

Remember that I feel, too
I know what you are going through
And know that all is welcome

Take my fucking hand
This is no time to retreat
Nor to mistrust or compete
We can’t hide in the shadows
No more

Please, sister
Emerge from the depths of your being
And let your roars be heard

Please take my hand
As is an offering
Of my heart
Wide open
I truly wish that we can meet
Together in unity

Let’s dance the dance of life
As lovers
Hand in hand
Into eternity

Now more than ever do I realize how important connection, touch, sharing stories, cooking together, dancing together, sharing life together actually is. For every human on this earth, man and woman.

My heart is wide open and I am ready. Ready to meet you, ready to be there for you, ready to build with you. Slowly, slowly it seems more people feel the same way, see the same things, want the same life. If that is you – know that I am here.

p.s. this piece is written for a woman, but feel free to substitute woman for human, man or fairy or whatever floats your boat.

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