The shattering unfolds

Do you feel what I feel? Have you noticed the ongoing waves of change? All that is constant, is change. Do not take it personal, for this life does not revolve around you. Choose your words wisely, because assumptions are are easy to be made.

We are like pieces of a puzzle. All of us are as significant as the other. All of us fit perfectly somewhere, and every piece is as important as the other to make the picture.

What role do you play? Are you good, or evil? Or both? Who said you have the choice? Who said you have to choose? Heaven for one person can be someone else’s hell, be mindful about this. Pay attention to your surroundings, what lessons are there yet to be learned?

Stay humble, but fierce. Know your self worth, know your truth. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes if you must, but never forget you have your own path to follow. It is true, what they say about the journey: it is as important as the destination. Nonetheless, it is easy to overlook the importance of having somewhere to go.

Equivalent. The yearning of your heart is the equivalent of your soul’s purpose. You know where you want to go, you know how you want to live. You know who belongs to you, just as they will recognize you. Soulmates. Not to be mistaken for life partners. There are not many, but there might be more than one. Your soulmates are around, to guide you in the right direction. In the same way, sometimes you will be the guide for someone else. It is a common mistake to think all in life has to be equal. You may expect to find yourself in some situations where you will give more than you receive. From that perspective, always be careful. Only give when you are able to truly give, without holding on to expectations of getting something back. 

True love. There will be times in your life where someone will hold your pain and sorrow. You will always be safe, because you will always be there with you. It works both ways. Follow your senses, and you will be of great importance for someone else too.

True love occurs between soulmates instantly. When this is interpreted the wrong way, it can be overwhelming and terrifying. We tend to put too many words to or feelings. If you love someone, it does not mean you have to stay with them. When you love someone, it does not mean they have to love you back. Loving someone and expecting them to love you back is a selfish act. 

Love is not selfish, and this true love is an act of unconditional surrender. Very few have mastered this, true love is yet a concept that needs to be understood by many. There are plenty of distractions, or substitutes, which make you think you know what true love is. Ask a mother who loves her child what love is, and she might lift a veil for you. But behold, for this is only the top of the mountain peak. Also the mother can still learn how to love another being unconditionally.

When you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing.

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