The forgotten warrior 

I stand with my feet in the raw ground. Blood is pumping through my veins. My heart is racing. Eyes wide open. 

We are the warriors. Ready to fight. Ready to stand our ground. Ready to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and whoever is in need. 

I am one of them. The warriors. I am ready to go to war. 

Yet my opponent is invisible.
Maybe they didn’t bother to show up today.
Maybe the opponent does not even exist.
Maybe I am at war with myself.

A battle, long lost before it even started. Who knows when it started anyway. It might have been going on for eons. It might only exist in my mind. When I look inside, I see outside and when I look outwards I go inwards. I feel confusion lingering in my being. Lost memories of thoughts that should long have been forgotten.

I feel like all I want to do is fight. Questions are roaming my dreams. What happened to my tribe? How did we end up here? Why are we all alone, trying to remember who we are? Or are we slowly getting dulled back to sleep, ever so gently, until no one will ever remember us? Until we will not remember us? Did we fail to remember us in time?

Do you remember me, my love? 

I certainly remember you. I remember your strength, your recklessness, your zest for life. And death. I remember your smell. You smell like the earth, the mud on the ground, and the leaves of the trees. I smell the animals you have slaughtered and the fires that you have made. The blade of your sword has even penetrated your being, just like your soul has merged with mine. 

Has the time come, darling, for us to remember? I am awaiting your arrival. I sometimes think that I can smell your scent. Are you nearby, beloved? 

I am ready. Ready to stand my ground. Ready to find you, us, all of us. I am ready to roam free again.

Where we once needed blades and pure physical strength, times have changed and the need for adaptation has emerged. Mind Control, fear, and common nonsense are prevailing the current lands. We will need to understand their ways, so we can alter our ways. Quickly now, for shit is about to go down. Faster and faster, the truth will unravel, ships will be lost and the loot might be spoiled. 

Are you ready to let go of the truth we once knew? Are you ready to open up your mind’s eye, to a new realm, a new life, a place where we can reside, once again – side by side, as equals, in a place where even life and death have become allies?

Maybe this is just a dream.
A long lost memory or delusional fantasy.
Maybe, this is a premonition.
A truth lingering in anticipation to be discovered.
Maybe, this is it.
A gateway, to the raw uncharted territories.

Take my hand, darling, and I will take you there.






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