Fascinating Fascia // Myofascial Energetic Release

Have you ever wondered what holds your body together, making sure you’re not falling apart? Or why you sometimes can bend down and touch your toes, and sometimes it seems to be impossible?

The answer: Fascia!

Fascia is a connective tissue, which connects everything in our body, from organs to muscles to blood vessels. It may take many forms, varying from unhealthy, stiff and hard fascia to healthy, fluid and flexible fascia.

Unhealthy fascia can cause pain and imbalances in your body. This may be caused by injuries, lack of sleep, stress or trauma stored in the body – ultimately resulting in bad posture, chronic pains and discomfort – which again will enhance the already stiff fascia.

Not to worry – you can improve the health of your fascia and live a pain free life.


Moving, unwinding, stretching, eating healthy and breathing more are all things you can do to improve the health of your fascia. And, beyond that – receiving one or more Myofascial Energetic Release sessions can give you the support you need to live more freely, with less pain or ultimately pain free.

Curious what Myofascial Energetic Release might do for you? Contact me if you have any questions or directly want to book a session.

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