S#x positive

Let’s play a game?

Never have I ever..
Been to a s#x positive event, where everything is allowed but nothing obligated.
Been to a Tantric Temple, where gods and goddesses make love to God for the love of God.
Attended a conscious kink workshop where they taught how to spank and be spanked.
Talked about boundaries, desires and consent before getting naked.
Watched someone else make love.
Been witnessed while doing it.
Never have I ever..

Did you?
Do you want to?
How does that make you feel?

Do you feel liberated? Ashamed? Guilty? Did you just now realize those things exist in this world? Are you shocked into disbelief, judgement and fear? Or did your heart jump of joy, because you realize there finally is a place for you to explore, expand and enjoy.

Sex positive. What does it mean to you? What does it look like in our community? Do we live in a sex positive society? Are we all sexually open, liberated and free? Are we truly free to express ourselves, in all the colors and flavors that we might come? Or are many of us still tormented, confused and contracted? Do you hold any judgement, guilt or shame?

Why? Is it because of our parents? The church? The power? There are many possible reasons, why sexuality might be the most loved and feared power in the world. Do we want to stay in the dark, shallow waters or do we want to dive deep and free ourselves? Free ourselves from the conditions? Free ourselves from limiting beliefs? Free ourselves from the guilt, the shame and the fear?

There are many ways. The conscious sexuality workshops, the play parties, the Tantra workshops. Individual sessions, massages, de-armouring, talking with a therapist. Overcoming our fears by standing eye to eye with that which scares us the most. Finding new pathways, new connections, new understandings.

Do you talk about sex? Do you know your boundaries? Are you able to voice them before, during and after? Do you take care of consent? Do you know how to keep yourself, and your lovers, safe? Do you take care of each other afterwards? Do you speak up about your desires? Do you know how to receive? Do you know what it truly means to give? Do you dare to be sexual? Do you dare to be intimate?

Within the realm of sexploration, there are so many ways of doing it. Maybe you found a good teacher. Maybe you learned how to do it during a workshop. Maybe you explored with a curious lover, or two, or three. Maybe you followed your intuition and the signs of your body that showed you what you like – and what not. Maybe you have no interest in exploring anything at all and you think this shit is crazy. There is no right or wrong, when figuring out what works for you.

Can you stay open, even if it is not your way? Can you stay true to yourself, even when everyone else is doing it? Who decides what sexuality should look like, for you, for me, for anyone? Why do we hold such a strong opinion about it? Are you judging yourself for your sexuality? Are you judging others for theirs?


Ask yourself.



I am Linde de Bock. I give bodywork sessions around the world, and I write. What I write is my truth, coming from my own experience, different teachings and life.  If you wish to find out more about what I do, want to book a session or aim to collaborate – I invite you to take a look at my web page or to contact me with any inquiry.

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