Tantra is sex.

A good orgasm can be satisfying, but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover.

– David Deida

To tell you the truth, the mystery and the promise of sex was the main thing that awakened my interest in Tantra. When tantra first came into my life, it was trough the whispers about this new way of lovemaking, with hours of intimacy and pleasure without limits nor shame. Who would not become a little curious, at least?

Sex can be very distracting. If I could choose good sex over pretty much anything in the world, I probably would. To be honest, I would probably choose mediocre sex over many things. If I peek trough a window and I see two people make love or I see two people play chess, I probably find the first window more interesting. Which window would you look through?

How many of us are fully satisfied with our sexuality? Do you ever judge yourself, your body, your partner? How many of us think that we do not have enough sex, or the opposite – that we are too obsessed with it? We live in a world where sex is everywhere, yet there is still a lot of shame and taboo around it. Sexual energy is a powerful force, which can be hard to handle if one does not know how to deal with it. And with Tantra, one might learn. Even though it is a beautiful tool to dive deep within sexuality, Tantra is not just about sex.

From a young age I figured sex was powerful, yet I did not have a clue how to channel it. It often felt as if my sexuality was surrounding me, like a big cloud, attracting everyone and everything that might get touched by it. Sex was the steppingstone that I needed in order to get involved with Tantra and to go deep into the depths of its mysteries and discover so many precious teachings.

If Tantra is not just sex, what is it then? For me, Tantra is about opening up the heart. It is about intimacy, boundaries, desires and connection. Yoga and meditation. Tantra is about facing your demons, inhibitions and shame. It is about embracing everything within life, within yourself. It is the embodiment of masculine and the feminine; the good and the bad; the joy and the sorrow. It is a once in a lifetime ride, a deconditioning of the old self. Tantra is about the awakening of the higher self, next to the great sex.

Tantra can be lovemaking, but it can also be a deep process with my partner. Tantra can be almost everything, as long as it is done with awareness. Tantra is slowing down. It is a device for expansion. It is a path, an old tradition. Tantra is a way of finding a connection with the higher self, the ultimate truth, oneness. It is being connected to something bigger than myself. Tantra is a way of living, and a way of taking responsibility for life. There are still many things that I have to learn, many things that that I yearn to discover. But things take time, and I am slowing down. I am learning to trust, to surrender to the flow of life. Slowly, slowly, when I am ready, new paths open for me.

From inspiration to aspiration
From commitment to devotion
I surrender to the path of transformation
The beauty of life’s secrets revealed

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