Control. POWER. Surrender (part two)

What is power? Is it money? Is it sex? Control? Love? What makes a powerful person? And what can powerful people make of this world?

An authority has power. An elder. A wise woman or a wise man. A narcissistic abusive partner. A manipulative bitch. To whom do you give your power away?

Power is beautiful. Powerful people are those who create amazing things in this world – without power very little is bound to happen. And at the same time power can be destructive. It all depends on the hands it is in – just as everything in life. Everything in this world has the potential to be something good, or something bad.

I have given my power away many times in life. I gave my power away to those I held responsible for my well-being. I gave my power away to the men I slept with without honoring myself – or honoring them, for that matter. I gave my power away when I was hurting, but I was too proud to ask for support. I gave my power when I failed to be responsible for my actions, feelings and desires.

Just recently am I rediscovering the power in my independence. There is a difference between being independent and use that as a source for your power; and being independent because you think everyone is going to fail you anyway. I used to be angry with the world: for failing me, for not being able to meet me, for being extremely boring. I now see the part I play in this world, and the power that I have to change it.

I feel very powerful when I am taking full responsibility for my life. I feel there is a lot of power in being present, loving and compassionate. To forgive another human being sometimes takes a lot of strength, (will-)power and determination – for you need to take back the ownership of your own emotional reaction on their behavior. In the end there is really no one else to blame for your life, but you.

There is a huge amount of power circling our world, coming from different sources and taking different forms. Lovemaking might be the most powerful source on this planet. What is there more powerful than the powers that create life, when they are united? How much power is there between two lovers who meet in the most profound way possible, coming from the heart? Think about it.

What hidden potential is there underneath all the stories that we tell each other? What pure potential is left when we strip down naked and step into our powerful beings and allow everything to flow through us just the way it is. What would happen if all of humanity would surrender to life, step into their truth and act from a place of love – to create a world where power is being celebrated rather than being dominated?

Do you take responsibility for your life?

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