Know thy darkness

Do you know who you are in this life? Have you fully embodied the darkness within your being and allowed it into your life – or are you on the safe side, the good side, the side full of love and light?

I do not trust people who claim that they have no darkness. When I hear this, I can’t help to wonder which part of themselves they have rejected. How many people have you met who claim that they have no darkness in their life? That they are always happy, always loving, always accepting life with love and no resistance at all?

Some years ago, I met someone who claimed he had no shit. I did not believe him, nor did I trust him or feel safe around him. I did not feel safe to show my true self. How can I show myself in full exposure to someone who does not know the depths of their own being, nor the darkness within themselves? How can I trust someone who claims that there is nothing wrong, yet they fail to see what truth within themselves they are hiding from?

Two years later, this person was on the verge of cracking. Why did he ever start on this journey of unfolding the shit that he did not even know he had? He was doing just fine before, and now the darkness seemed like it was never ending and all too much to handle.Sometimes life sucks. I never felt more at ease within his presence. It felt raw, pure, honest. It felt safe.

Someone who dares to look into themselves and face their darkness and their shit, will know how to handle themselves when they are in the darkest eye of the storm. When you can look into your own darkness and embrace if fully, you will also get to know your own strength. It takes a strong man and a strong woman to stand eye to eye with the deepest darkness of your being and not be blown away.

There is an uncanny strength in the darkness which is not to be underestimated – yet it does not mean one should let everything run wild. Get to know your darkness. Get to know now how to handle it – and you will not be played by your darkness, rather you will know how to play within the darkness itself.

Being an embodied, integrated and conscious human being means you are both the light and the darkness manifested. Do not live with a conditioned mind, labeling everything as good or bad. Live from the heart, for the heart is limitless and your heart does not judge.

We live in a world where there is a lot of darkness and a lot of light. When you are living with the idea that you need to choose a side, might mean you are rejecting a part of life – and a part of yourself. Allow yourself to be here, in every form you may appear.

In each moment, in the center of your darkness, lies your pure potential.



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