A waste of human potential

We are the dreamers, the wanderers, the artists, the change-makers, the healers! We come to this earth to be open, to be free, to be love. We do not bend down to the system anymore, we are here to rise! Or… are we only pretending we are?

The human species is amazing. We are capable of doing things, creating things, to feel things which may seem impossible until you actually experience it yourself. More than ever, the sky is the limit. And it seems like more and more humans are realizing these gifts, these opportunities to do more with life than only survive.

We go to yoga and learn what mindfulness is and how we are supposed to breathe, to feel, or to stop thinking. We go to ecstatic dance to move our bodies the way we want and to be exactly as we are, once a week. We go to festivals and do drugs, lots of drugs, to feel this ‘oneness’ everybody is talking about and to feel we ‘are love’. For six, maybe eight hours.

We go on this one-in-a-lifetime trip, where we meet our shadows and fears, where we battle with childhood traumas and break free from the grip of society. We think we are lost and then we find ourselves, and come back to meet the world once again.

And then? Then we go back to ‘real life’ and settle. Settle for a partner, settle for safety, settle for money. We raise our children to believe they can be anything or anybody, as long as they fit in the box that we made for them. We forget who we are and start to wander – wander away from our true essence. We are dreaming of our past or a change in the future, while forgetting to live here in the present.

We invent virtual realities where we can live our wildest dreams and be whoever we want – as an avatar. We have machines who tells us what to eat, who to like and when to sleep. We do not find our way home anymore but listen to Google Maps who tells you to take the next exit left in 100 meters. We think we are our own sovereign being but fail to see how we are slowly becoming used to a world where we do not now how to survive on our own.

We watch porn and think that is how sex it is done. We rub our bodies together and think it is lovemaking – but are afraid to say when it hurts because we don’t want to offend the other. We talk about sexual liberation, but where is the freedom in all the shame and guilt and abuse that surrounds our planet?

What happened? When did you stop dreaming and start behaving like the sheep that you are today? When did we accept that art, love, connection, truth and freedom are things that are worth giving up for a little bit of comfort, a little bit of money, a little bit of nothing? When did we start wasting our human potential for a world which is crumbling down in plastic waste and pollution?

What if I told you we have the potential to be gods? That we can change the way we live, change we way think, change the way we make love? What would happen if you would live up to your potential? What would you do, where would you live, who would you love? What if I told you, all it takes is a choice?

What do you choose?

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